Vilnius university
Universiteto st. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania

The conference will be held at the Central Campus of Vilnius university, located in the center of Vilnius.

The Old Campus

The complex of University buildings extends over a whole block of the Old Town. Its original architecture attracts the visitor’s attention. The construction of the University buildings was carried on over t­he centuries under the changing influences of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical styles. The campus began to take shape in about 1570 in a city quarter belonging to the Bishop of Vilnius. By that time, the area had already been built up with brick houses. It later gradually expanded to the east and to the north, towards St.John’s church. Bounded by four streets , the campus is composed of 13 buildings, some of them having multiple structures, the Church of St.John, and the belfry. The buildings are arranged around 13 courtyards of different shape and size. At present the Rector’s Office, the Library, the Faculties of Philology, Philosophy, and History, as well as Institute of Foreign Languages and the Centre of Oriental Studies are situated there.

VU Centriniai rūmai

1. Grand Courtyard
2. Observatory Courtyard
3. Library Courtyard
4. M. K. Sarbievijus Courtyard
5. M. Daukša Courtyard
6. S. Daukantas Courtyard
7. Arcade Courtyard
8. L. Gucevičius Courtyard
9. A. Mickevičius Courtyard
10. S. Stanevičius Courtyard
11. K. Sirvydas Courtyard
12. Printing House Courtyard
13. Bursų (Hostel) Courtyard
A. Astronomical Observatory
B. St. Jonh’s Church
C. Library
D. Faculty of Philology
E. Faculty of History
F. University bookshop “Littera”
G. Center of Orientalistics
H. Faculty of Philosophy
R. Rector’s Office
I. Aula Rectoris – Rector’s hall
II. Aula Parva – the Small hall
III. P. Smuglevičius hall
IV. The Theatre hall


How to get to conference venue

Conference venue: Universiteto street 3, Vilnius university, Vilnius

The conference will be held at the Vilnius University, located in the heart of the city centre and approx. 15-30 minutes from Vilnius Airport.


For transportation information from Vilnius Airport

Rodūnios road 10A, Vilnius, Lithuania

By Taxi (recommended)

Download the Bolt app

Fee aprox.  1€/km

All taxi cabs accept cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).



No. 88  – Airport-Station-Old Town. Single ticket (when purchased in a bus) costs € 1 (only in cash).

Time table information:

By Train+Buses/Trolleybus

Train ticket € 0.7 + single bus/trolleybus ticket (when purchased in a bus) costs € 1 (only in cash).

Train (from Vilnius Airport to the train station)

Train timetables:

By trolleybus from Train/Bus station

Bus no. 53 (from the train station to the city centre).

Bus timetables:


Bus no. 1 G (from the train station to the city centre)

Bus timetables:


Trolleybus no. 2 (from the train station to the city centre)

Trolleybus timetables:

Travel time

8 minutes by train + 6 minutes by bus

8 minutes by train + 6 minutes by trolleybus

8 minutes by train + 20 minutes walking to the Old Town


There is a special train “Airport-Vilnius” running regularly from Vilnius Airport to Vilnius railway station. The train shuttles 16 times a day, it takes 8 minutes to arrive to the railway station from the airport. The ticket costs € 0.7 It can be purchased on-line (, in the train and at the railway station. Next to the airport passenger terminal, there is a railway stop, stairs and an elevator for passengers as well as lighting and passenger safety surveillance camera.

Buses No. 53, 1 G, as well as trolleybus No. 2 go from the “Station” (Lithuanian: Stotis) to the bus stop „Vincas Kurdirka square“ (in Lithuanian: Vinco Kudirkos aikštė). From there you can reach Vilnius university on foot in 10-12 (approx. 1 km) minutes.

Instructions how to use local public transport

Once you have boarded public transportation, you can purchase (only by cash!) a one way ticket from the driver that costs €1. You need to mark the paper ticket at one of the several small red metal ticket validators found on the stands in the bus or by placing it in the yellow electronic ticket validator.

If you plan to spend a longer time in Vilnius, get yourself a “Vilniečio kortelė” ( – an electronic ticket that costs €1,5 and can be electronically refilled ( It is available at newspaper stands throughout the city and the arrivals area of Vilnius Airport.

You need to activate the electronic “Vilniečio kortelė” ticket as soon as you board the bus by placing it on the yellow electronic touch screen.