The aim of the Tutorial is to provide a possibility for doctoral students in the field of gender and diversity in work life as well as related social responsibility and organizational ethics topics to be able to discuss and get feedback to their research plans and works-in-progress with experienced faculty in the study field. Moreover, the aim is advance networking of the students and faculty professionals.

The student participants get a certificate of their attendance. Accepted students participating in the Tutorial must be register for the Gender Studies Activism 2022: (re-/de-/?) institutionalization in changing realities conference. The Tutorial is intended only for the participating doctoral students.

23rd November, Wednesday, 2022 1:00-6:00pm.

Call for submissions
The application proposal for participation should be sent by email to email, latest Tuesday 25 October 2022 with reference “For Doctoral Tutorial” in subject line.
The proposal can be of a whole dissertation or an article, which is a part of the dissertation. The acceptance is sent latest on Tuesday 1 November 2022.
The selected participants will later be asked to submit an updated presentation of the proposal.
Applicants should send maximum a three-page proposal (Times New Roman, font 12, 1,5 line spacing). The proposal should include the following parts – or roughly following the guideline depending on the phase of the dissertation:

1. Your name, institution and contact information
2. Intended title of the study
3. The purpose of the study and central research question(s), and of the issue or problem that motivates the research from a scientific (as well preferably also practical and societal) viewpoint. Stress this aspect: What kind of new knowledge are you producing in your study field?
4. Theory and literature review in a nutshell
5. Research design, methodology and methods (data and analysis) in a nutshell
6. Expected results
7. Note of the phase dissertation


Dr. Anna-Maija Lämsä.
Visiting Professor, University of Vilnius, Faculty of Communication & Kaunas Faculty, Lithuania
Professor Emerita, University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics JSBE, Finland