European Film Forum “Scanorama”


Musical Christmas, Pink Life: Suchockytė / Kuraitis. November 23rd, 19:00

We will also see this artist in an unexpected role – together with one of the best Lithuanian saxophonists Juozas Kuraitis and renowned pianist Daumantas Slipkus, she will perform well-known romantic French melodies.


VOX ORGANI CATHEDRALIS 2019, November 24th, 16:00

This year, the pipe organs of the Vilnius Archcathedral Cathedral turn 50. In honour of the anniversary of the pipe organs in the Vilnius Archcathedral Cathedral, 30 concerts of the “Vox organi Cathedralis” series will be hold – as many years as have passed since the Archcathedral Cathedral consecration, when the then art gallery became the most important church in Lithuania again.


Exhibition “Royal Textiles from the Land of the Peaceful Dragon – Kingdom of Bhutan”

National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in cooperation with the Bhutan Textile Museum are organising an international exhibition “Royal Textiles from the Land of the Peaceful Dragon – Kingdom of Bhutan”. The aim of the exhibition is to present unique and extraordinary textile culture of the Kingdom of Bhutan and to promote intercultural cooperation.



The exhibition held at the Bastion of the Vilnius Defensive Wall will reveal what the upper class and ordinary inhabitants of the city wore from the 12th to the 18th century, what were the fashions of the shoes, where did they come from, and what influenced them? Each exhibit will tell about the habits, hobbies, status, difficult times and love stories of the inhabitants from that time of Gdansk, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Kernavė.

Authentic tools and shoe remodelling will introduce the craft of shoemaking and its evolution. Another particularly prominent theme of this exhibition is children’s footwear, which is rarely found during various excavations.


PIAF (2 actions ballet), November 21th, 18:30 (. According to music of Édith Piaf, Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Ravel, etc.

Non, je ne regretterien – this song flew around the entire world embodying life motto No, I do not regret anything. Song performer, legendary Édith Piaf, followed this motto in life; she perfectly managed her powerful, full of grief voice telling about love, losses, passion and Parisian life. Small, fragile, very emotional artist was called a Parisian sparrow. For the French, she is a national value and pride. Forever Édith Piaf remained in memory of all lovers of chanson genre.

Choreography of Mauro Bigonzetti is wittiness, feelings, athletics and beauty. His movements’ language is very viable, creating a suggestive views panorama. In his creative work, M. Bigonzetti often pays a tribute to important personalities. His performances Malers, WAM (dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Omaggio a Bach and Caravaggio were very successful. Performance Piaf was created in 2010 for the troupe of the Ballet of the State Opera of Hannover.


From Lisbon to Buenos Aires. Joao Gentil & Franco Chirife,  November  22th 19:00.
 One of the most titled Portuguese accordionists, João Gentilas, who, by the way, raises his hat against Lithuanian accordion virtuoso M. Levicki, promises to be a thrilling experience with his performances in Vilnius


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