Gender, Race, and Intersectionality

Dr. Victoria Showunmi  is an Associate Professor at University College London in the Faculty of Institute of Education. Her interests are gender, identity, and race through the lens of intersectionality, focusing on leadership and the lived experience of Black women and girls.  She is a member of the Gender and Education Executive, Conference Chair for British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society, Chair of the International studies SIG, American Educational Research Association, and co-convenor, Gender Network, European Educational Research Association. She is on the editorial board of Bloomsbury Educational Leadership: Innovative Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Transforming Education through `Critical Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice’ (Emerald) as well as assistant editor for the International Journal of Leadership in Education.

She has an international profile based on the dissemination of her research through publication and teaching. Her scholarly work is acclaimed nationally and internationally.

Her research interests are gender, identity, race and class in relation to leadership and the development of Black girls and Black women.  She develops fresh conceptual frameworks focusing on equity and social justice, especially the interplay between people and the sophistication of behaviours which lead to disengagement with the promotion of equality. Her work shows how culture and cultural background have the potential to disrupt power structures and lead to transformational change.

Ideas linked to these research interests would enrich our work.